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+ 3 UGF P77


Massive thanks to UGF for including me in promo 77
In the picture is all Para Pharma, as I'm sure you can see lol.
5 test E 400
5 25mg proviron
3 test suspension 100mg/ml
1 injectable winstrol 50mg/ml
1 injectable dbol 100mg/ml

Really looking forward to getting stuck in, got a couple of ideas for cycles. I'll mull it over the next few days.

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How was that T400?

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Let us know how the dbol and test suspension is I'd like to try both

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Our pleasure brother! Thanks for posting such a great picture and all this info. Thanks for always being a great sport.

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Nice, Teamroids is serious reseller.
I like this stuff.
Good training bro

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