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+ 4 Trenbolone Acetate, NPP, Drostanolone, Testosterone, Melanotan, HCG, Trestolone Acetate


I bought:
- Drostanolone Enanthate.
- Drostanolone Propionate.
- Testosterone Enanthate.
- Trenbolone Acetate.
- Trestolona Acetate.
- Nandrolone Phenylpropionate.
- Melanotan II

The order was processed quickly after the payment. The order was sent to west Europe within 12 days.
No customs issues and every came perfectly packed.
All the products are legit and quite strong.
Given the delivery time and the quality of products I will buy again.

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Cant try this one in the usa ugh

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Nothing is opened. How do you know it is legit and quite strong?

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Sir, there are 4 vials open in the photo

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so strong and legit he can feel it through the vial.

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unknown accounts always byuing driada

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Hello, sir. Soon we will publish a promo on Eroids. We hope that you will take part

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I see that this gentleman has been a member for almost 4 years. What is a "Known" member for you?

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3 years and a half. No friends, no posts and 5 karma accrued over that time. Only friend request is pending from you. Not saying it’s one thing or another but those are the facts and don’t inspire confidence.