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+ 31 Tren does the body good


Just finished a 14 week cycle of Tri-Tren 200, Sustanon 300 and Anavar 50. Dosaging as follows:
Tri-Tren .75ml EOD
Sustanon 75ml EOD
Anavar 25mg 3x a day (last 6 weeks of cycle)

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That's a great result from effective work in the gym! With all my respect

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You are on shape. I like it

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Looking very good. Freaky veiny and hard as rock!
No side effect for running Tren that long ?

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Holy shit! +1

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Im seeing alot of hours of work here!

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Good job, hat off.
Very pleasant overall look.

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Good work. I love how ripped I get on tren. The vascularity, strength, and straight dry gains are unmatched.

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Really solid Good

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Solid! Good job!

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Looking good!!!

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Solid work!

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Dame bro looking solid. Keep up the hard work!

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Genetics top bro

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looking jacked bro. Nice work!

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It says you only 5 foot 10. I would have guessed you were much taller. Anyways plus 1. What are you weighing in these pics?

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Bro Tren does not do the body good LOL

that being said you look great man +1

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Wow! God bless those genetics.

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why would you say he has superior genetics?

I used to know a guy who could bulk on 200mg test and 200mg deca, he was 250lbs lean, thats good genetics

I also know a guy with a sub 30in waist

I know a guy who was is so poor he could not afford real meat most the time, so he eats hotdogs and eggs (back when they were cheap, no idea what hes eating now) and is bigger than me (270lbs + )

Just putting it in perspective what a lot of people think is good genetics is just hard ass work and commitment.

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Lee priest.....crazy genes

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Derek Lunsford ....bro that dude physique is so much like a PERFECT Yates

Franco Columbo....Danny Padilla...Lee Priest...Dexter Jackson....Flex Lewis.....Derek of the best bodybuilders 5'7 and under

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absolutely nutty physique, agree, thats real prime genetics

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Looking great

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Solid and lean(no homo) Hard work and dedication to achieve that shape. Much respect bro +1

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One time i was doing a commitment for AA at a halfway house and im talking about my boys that helped me get sober. I said "I love these guys to death, no homo" and there was a homosexual counselor there who got so offended,stormed out of the room. I had to apologize and let them know it was not malicious so we dont get barred lol

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LoL I could see that and understand for sure.

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Only a moron would consider you a homo for complimenting this physique, LOL.

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