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+ 3 Touchdown from teamroids


Fantastic 8 days turnaround from team roids.. 4 vials npp & 100 tabs 20mg dbol from the latest promo they had on. Always heard good reviews on para pharma.. Thanks team roids for letting me take part.

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Nice pick up! PP NPP is fire! Smooth and no pip. Enjoy!

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Was that domestic shipping?

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Sorry late reply.. No it was international to u.k

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Nice. I have the exact same Promo pack coming too. It just hit state side, so should be here soon.
Team Roids was nice enough to add the extra NPP for my April/Spring cycle, so I'll be combining that with their Dragon Test Cyp.
I also have their Injectable Dbol in my stock, but they sent that Oral as part of the Promo pack. If I decide to add the Dbol, I'll use that (INJ) for first few weeks maybe at 10-20 mg ED. Never tried Dbol before, so I'm still on the fence with it. I get great gains from just Test Cyp alone. I'd have to really watch my sodium and water intake. Enjoy the PP line up bro !

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Nice pic up your gonna enjoy para products.

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Thanks bro..