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Touchdown! Dcpharma Test C-200


Dcpharma has delivered! It took a bit but product looks fantastic. Some of the most detailed labeling as well. I will get started on this soon and will provide a full review. Thank you Dcpharma!

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1 bottle. Booom game changer

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Yea. I don’t need much. To each its on.

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I hear you, but unless you get bloodwork to go alongside with this...kind of hard to "review" 1 vial of test c and do so accurately...UNLESS you have bloods to back it up that is. It's not exactly fast acting or an oral like dbol/anadrol to where the effects are felt/obvious fairly quick.

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This is a touchdown pic. Not a review.

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I am fully aware of that, but in case you forgot...up top in your "pic description" wrote....."i will get started on this soon and will provide a full review".

How is it plausible to provide a "full review" from 1 vial of test cyp, without blood work?

Again...1 vial...test any of this making sense yet ?

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Omg…why….who told you I only have 1 bottle? Look son. I’m 44yrs old, probably been doing this longer that you’ve been alive. You need to be less sensitive. Anyone that knows - like most folks who have read this touchdown pic and don’t see the need to comment because they just know - understand what I mean. Obviously, I’m not going to pin tomorrow and review an hour after. No one that knows what they’re doing does that. So relax, enjoy your Sunday, don’t spend so much time worrying about others to think you can correct them without actually knowing them, slow down on the Tren, and let people live. Go enjoy life and spend less time here, son.

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LoL if you say so...

Who told me you only had 1 bottle you ask? You did. The very first comment up top..."1 bottle " to which you replied..."yea I don't need much" lmfao don't make up lies and back track now....

Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night though

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1 bottle from this source. Most folk don’t need so much explaining. You must of been refreshing all the time, waiting for my reply ---- that’s so cute. I’m flattered someone dedicated some much time worrying about me without knowing me. FYI - I’m married so no need to keep on worrying about me. Go out and get some friends, talk a walk, worry about you, worry about you, oh yea….worry about you… have a good night, son.