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+ 12 The Genetic Freak!!! 51yrs old and counting baby!!!


Ready or Not! Here comes the Monster!!!

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what a big guy! I like it man!

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Great work! Plus 1

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monster , looking great!!

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Looking fantastic @50+ my man thumbs up

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Thanks buddy! I'm in this Iron game til the end! Never Surrender!! No Excuses!!

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FYI, I would blur your face. But looking great bro

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Thanks Bro! I'm not into any bigtime illegal stuff so I'm not worried about showing some face! It's all good!

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Monsterios !! +1

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Hitting 51 myself this year but nowhere near your size. Keep going big man.

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Thanks for the push!

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Big dog. Looking dam good at 51!!! Looking better then most 30 yr olds

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Yea man! Thanks! At 51, I still laugh when I see these Super Hot 18, 19 and 20 year old chicks in spandex checking me out hard at the gym!
If they only know!! Lol!!!

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amazing for 51!

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When did you start?

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Back in my late teens, but I didn't get serious until my late 20's and been hitting it hard from there ever since!

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amazing work, just curious what your current cycle looks like?

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My man, remove your face from the pic.

Looking great though keep it up!

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Thanks brother!

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