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Test suspension water base


First gear I bought through them at a bad time just trying to figure out how to fix it lol cause I know there good ppl

Ordered from
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Ok.. shake the bottle and draw and inject with a 22

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Yeah there’s water and I tried a bigger gauge also can’t get it to work. I’m just assuming I’ll have to take a loss unless the src will fix them since I have more than one

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Is there any water in that bottle? Looks like it dried out. Did you shake it before the pic?

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The suspension is the only DP product that I have ever had an issue with. To be fair though I've issues with more suspensions than I haven't, so I just use oil based TNE. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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What is the Lot & Exp date?

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It’s meant to collect at the bottom. Shake before use. I’m told not to heat it up but I warm it lightly which helps with pip.

It should pull through a 23g and inject with a 25g.

There was a bad batch with wasn’t micronised enough but since then I haven’t heard a bad thing.

Again shake well

Edit - took a closer look and the particles look huge. Will it pull through a green 23g?

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I remember a couple years back a batch of the DP suspension was clumpy as hell. They fixed it. But that expiration date may indicate that this is from that batch. If I recall, nothing anyone tried would fix it.

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I believe I got some of that. I have access to every guage needle you could imagine due to my profession and it wouldn't clear anything smaller than an 18g. I didn't pin with that, I was just curious what it would take to get it out of the vial.

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I didnt get any. But I recall members posting pics and the stuff honestly looked like a snow globe. Ouch!

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I figured so I’m kinda fucked on this one unless he fixes it lol. I’ve tried it all already the best I had was oil n water n I won’t go no father.

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Are you saying that you tried to reconstitute it with water and oil? Did you heat it up? I would have imagined that would do the trick, but perhaps not.

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Yes by itself first then added oil just to see also added bac water before the oil n nothing worked. It’s the first time for me but like the other guy said he thinks it’s from the old batch. Also it’s my first time with water base. Oil base I’m golden.

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