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+ 6 Test, Deca, Mast cycle


Just finished up a Test, Deca, Mast E cycle. Got some results. Could have been a lot better but was just to busy to get correct macros and nutrition in. Still ok for pushing 50yrs old

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Wish I could give you +3 brother. One for the physique. One for the domestics choice. And another for the shirt. I’ve got the same one!

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Thanks bro. We must live in the same area code haha. I love this tank!!

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Almost 50 and still pushing to look good i +1 that all day
Its funny being 46 im just as busy as i was when i was running around at 21. But i get my diet down 97% but its hard to get to the gym more than 3 days aweek. But we all have to make it work. Looking good. Ive given up deca for npp for the look and the healing my old body. But you make it look tempting again. Goodluck in everything keep grinding

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I understand about the gym time bud. Sometimes I have just a 30 minute time frame. I hit what I need to hit and barely rest and get the fuck out. Got to get it in somehow is my moto

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Try Mast E with Deca, first few weeks I noticed a little bloat water weight nothing major, but after the Mast E kicked in I looked polished the rest of the cycle.