Test cyp by Scrioxx from Panda.


1 of 3 test cyps I received from Pandaroids promo. Very generous gift. Will be getting bloods soon while on TRT dose to see how it goes.

Ordered from
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The site resized it to fit and put it in upside down for some Reason. Also pic is now blurry for some reason. I told source once I got it I will post so people on here see that they did come through with the promo.

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Site doesn't do any image rotation or blurring actions.

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Well I tried to get it up but some reason it posts it upside down when it is a selfie shot. My camera lens just broke so this is how it looks taking pics with a broken or shattered glass. Will update with better pic. The reason I put it up is because I made a promise I would post pics when I got promo and will update along with bloods. If I get lazy anyone can pm me to find out about bloods. I want to help as much as I can but because of a shoulder injury it is hard to get motivated to lift and keep up because these injuries aren't just physical but almost more mental than anything.