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  • roly420   •   Thu, Nov 21st, '19 10:02   •   1 reply, 390 views

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Currently trying the TTM long a few weeks now, and damn! This is so much better than I thought in terms of the tren sides. Doses are low, 200 tren, 200 mast, 450test(really high, imo)/wk. Been on a deficit for some weeks now, but this last week the changes are brutal. Cant wait to see when it starts doing its magic. I've tried TTM short in the past and absolutely hated it. Couldn't go past 5wks. Also, that zero pip shit isn't working for me. Cant remember 3 days later where my last shot was. Double dipping for sure... lol seriously, ZEEERO PIP.


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Mess up like I did last week. Inject too fast, don't realize the needle retracted, went sub-q. Looked like a big mosquito bite and the lump is still there a little. Little PIP is a good thing lol. Nice gear BTW, enjoy and post results.