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My left gluts after injecting 1 cc of this guys sustanon Nothing but burning sensation and hard asf ball

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I wanted to put my .02 in on this, I’ve had several sources test and even masteron do this to me and it wasn’t because the gear was “contaminated” or “dirty”, it’s because I use insulin needles to cut down on scar tissue. I’m lean and yet I still get knots like this occasionally, I have one on my quad at this very moment. Not from EP just to clarify. The knots in my case are 100% my fault, I see alot of guys curse the sources name when alot of times it has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the gear, it’s either guys aren’t injecting deep enough or they are having a reaction to the carrier oil. I hope this sheds some light on these kinds of situations.

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Wow. Butt lift injection or something lol I don't want none of that.

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I think this was the last post he made as far as I can tell, I hope the guy is ok.

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This happens and all of sudden the source is no longer in business(according to review page). I guess we will not be seeing those jano test results that was promised 5 months ago

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Is that bump at the bottom of the pic where you pinned or is that just from the way the pic was taken?

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That's the mirror edge

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Realistically, if something was seriously wrong with the Sust being sent out by this source then we'd be seeing a ton more people complaining about the exact same thing. This is not to discount your personal experience here, as you're clearly having an adverse reaction which nobody wants to experience. What I'm saying is that sometimes in science one lab rat has a very poor reaction to a treatment while 20 other rats turn out fine. Variance is to be expected, outliers exist, and often times differences are hard to attribute to one specific factor/cause (I'm a scientist, this shit happens all the time).

The conclusion here shouldn't be "this guy's Sust is contaminated or brewed like shit", rather it's "maybe I shouldn't be using this guy's sust because my body isn't reacting well to the oil". The immune system can be sensitized to develop new allergies after repeated exposure to a substance, even if it is benign. If I had to guess, what's going on is that you're getting either late-phase or chronic allergic inflammation to a certain component of the oil. Either that or maybe a matter of injection technique in the glute causing this inflammatory ball you're seeing. Obligatory: I'm not a MD.

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The only thing I was going to also suggest is pin in your shoulder. I’ve had this through pinning technique not bad gear.

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I've pinned this sus along with others that get it from me and we haven't had any issues. No swelling or pain. All of their products have been super smooth and painless.

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Got my free bottle and was referred by my source to post on here I’ve been using epharma for a while now. I found them through a Facebook add and have never had an issue with them. Pinned the sus and per usual no pain smooth like always. Thanks for referring me to this forum Epharma! Hope you get hgh soon! Or will be purchasing from someone on here been looking for a while!

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He wasn't kidding about saying baseball. Dam man that's wild.

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Lmfao hahaha I’m dead I’m done with you bro.

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So "someone" just ordered 20 vials of your Sust....and THEN ...you informed them that the same batch of Sust they just purchased caused another customer a baseball sized lump after injection? Really though? If you're willing to supposedly refund a 20 vial purchase dollar for dollar...how come you didn't just refund this guy his $ back, instead of sending 3 more vials that caused same swelling?

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Is it getting better? I have watched the back and forth on the thread. If not getting better, have you been to the Dr?

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Yes it’s better it was balled up for 4 days
And then I did it agin with 1.5 inches 25 gages same shit
He thinks I’m bull shitting him I tossed all he’s shitin trash

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Post up a review on the sources page with a link to this pic. After their shenanigans over the summer, I’m surprised people still use them. Also, the title of this photo is a little deceiving because I expecting to see results of Sust or blood test or something. The more people know about this, the better.

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Which shenanigans are you referring to?

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He? In past it was pushed as a she . Lol!

Whats your pin rotation etc....fully describe....

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As an advanced vet here i was asking the OP for their pinning techniques as i thing the op made pinning error. I give two shits about your label or your old label.

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I don’t have the time to go back forth for me but I do and wil make the time for some one else dosent go true what I did I run my own business and Help a friend with his Becouse he can’t find employed

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