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+ 19 Summer cutssss


Running hgh 4iu somastim. 500 mg each of Masteron and Test Cyp dragon pharma. About to switch over to Eq and Enathante test. Hgh is about 2 months in

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Sent you a FR.

Glitch's picture could be on the cover of a fitness magazine. +1

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Damn Vascularity

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Damn bro, goals

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Awesome work! Congrats!

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Great work! Lean and mean

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Very nice. Awesome work.

Owes a Review × 1
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Somastim good stuff.

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Liking the definition and vascularity. Good

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Looking ripped!!!

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Gotta say this is a nice pic. Ripped up. Anyone that posts a self pic is respected by me. It takes alot to post body pics, knowing that some ridiculous comments will come +1

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All upper body and no wheels.

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his legs aren't out of proportion as far as I see. The vascularity in his legs looks great. He's no quadzilla but I can't say "no wheels"
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not cool bro -1

@Lyn1987 carry on bro looking lean and hard

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Imagine down-voting some one for judging a physique that you post online, don't like it don't post your pics if you can't take it.

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You can constructively criticize a person without insulting. I agree as far as being honest with someone. But it's all in how you word it. This community is a community that builds each other up. Encourages greatness. Helping each other achieve it . "Good physique bro. In my opinion your legs could use some more size but you still look outstanding."
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You can constructively criticize a person without insulting

Lmao! Only if that was true ......

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I say it's not insulting if you're not insulted..if you don't allow yourself to be... Just as something isn't embarrassing unless you allow yourself to get embarrassed

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Im saying theres been a grip of constant rippers on here. Like folks that never posted pix and rip on everyone. Lol

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Life lesson: Negativity breeds negativity

do better next time

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They aren't bad and usually 90% of BBs can always do more legs. Maybe they are his hard gainers. Anyways got to give anyone props for coming on here and letting everyone judge their body.

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Friggin hard af! applause

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