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  • holckstar   •   Mon, Oct 10th, '11 05:05   •   2 replies, 1185 views

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Due to request a pic of stuff from Alin. Pic taken after i had cut it in pieces. Came in on pieces.


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  • holckstar
  • 8 years ago

Oh sorry for not replying.
Liv 50 (brown)
Nolva(been cut out of the pic)
Dbol (pink ones)
Anavar (blue)
My first order. Had to order for 200$. Didnt know shit, so just took a little bit of this and that. Figured I could come back for more. But will not use Alin ever again. Too slow service.

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  • GiGaNtE
  • 8 years ago

Thanks bro! What u got here?