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+ 3 Steroidify Promo


Got these from the most recent promo ran by Steroidify. Shipping was super fast, very impressed being the volume of people who entered in this one. Awesome experience and will be starting them both today!

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Quality Tren Hex right there and that TNE has no guaic and hits hard. Their delivery times are indeed impressive too, very consistent for sure.

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Hey when you use there TNE for pre workout how long before you hit gym do you do it?

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Since it's suspended in oil, I pin 2 hours or prior to clanging and banging. That's me personally, but have also tried it 1.5 hours prior and found 2 hours works/feels best to me. I'd say 1.5 min-2hrs max is an adequate time frame.Gives body ample time to absorb which equals beastmode. The water based one, I pin 30 mins prior training, it's quick in and out and hits fast.

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For me TNE hits good at about 1-1.5 hours pre gym. I dabbled with it, 2 hours before, 1.5, and a hour. Somewhere between the 1-1.5 works best for me.

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Awesome thanks!