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Starting my journey


This is me right now. I’ve lost over 160lbs since 2017. Along with losing fat, I lost a lot of muscle too.

I still have quite a bit of fat I want to lose and also gain around 20-25 lbs of muscle.

I’m hoping I can be an example to any other morbidly obese guys out there that it IS possible to lose the weight and hopefully add a lot of muscle in place of the fat and have a decent looking physique.

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Applaud the hard work and dedication you should be proud of yourself.

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Yessir I sure am. And thank you for the compliment! Now to get some muscle mass and cut the remaining body fat. I'm not far from it.

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Good effort bro. Perhaps get a blood test done via the doctor and see what your levels are like. You could have low testosterone or something else as you were so large before

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Thanks man. Yeah, I’ve had my T levels checked in the past several times. Total was always under 400. Usually between 320-350. Docs wouldn’t consider TRT even at my age because my levels are in the “normal” range.

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100% what Wanted said below... Eat clean and hit those weights.. start building up the muscle u have.

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Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve been eating clean for the past 4 years. Tons of protein via lean meats and shakes. Lots of green veggies. And water, water, water.

9 out 10 times, all my food is fresh or frozen. It is extremely rare that ever eat anything processed. If it comes from a can, then it’s mostly tuna.

Now it’s just time to get a routine going for the weights.

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35 years old ! Your time is now.
Set up the diet and get it done. Goodluck
Stick with it — put in the work and be rewarded

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Thank you!! I’m working on it and plan to start my very first cycle soon. Still making sure I have done enough research and have all the gear needed for my first cycle. Ready to gain my muscle mass back that got lost with the weight loss.

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