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+ 10 Somastin!


Been taking these for over 2 months now and these are the best generics I have ever used.I have added mass while dropping to my lowest BF ever.I cant speak to much side effects.I sleep great and need an occasional nap.My hands numb out a little after my nap .My energy levels are great outside that..The biggest benefit is losing belly fat without starving myself.
Labs were drawn Wednesday 5/6 and back this morning.
Running 4 iu daily every day split first thing AM and late afternoon
Did 10 iu's into left delt 3 1/2 hours before test.
Sorry No baselines .I tested once before using 4 iu and was mid 300's about 100 lower

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I got my kit in 2 weeks back from a UGL I have trusted for years. Each vial contains 6.7 mg. Which equates to approx .25 mg per IU if reconstituted at the 26 IU suggested per vial by manufacturer. I been running 3IU daily split twice a day. Been sleeping like a lazy cat and waking up feeling awesome. Recovery time from workouts has fallen drastically. Body fat is dropping and skin is looking like a much younger me already. Nothing but good things to say about these.

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Thanks bud. I ordered a few more because of this lab result today.

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I'm all over it, got me a stash coming ...

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I've always stayed away from all of the generic hgh but I continue to see great numbers from these and it's becoming very tempting!

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+1 very good numbers.

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+1 Nice work bro! On these at 4iu myself and they're treating me well. People that I see once per week tell me every week that I get bigger and more shredded each time they see me. I'm also running Test at 500mg/week, and masteron at 1000mg/week. Get ready summer!

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nice levels there brother +1