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Small Feral Pack


I was recently given the opportunity to try some gear from feral. Big shout out to Animalxxx for making it happen. Excellent products from what I have seen. Got more on the way.

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What’s the deal with the red yeast rice? How’s it working for you?

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So RYR contains monacolin k, which is chemically identical to lovastatin, a prescription cholesterol lowering medication. I battle lipid issues and have since before steroids. The RYR produces results like Lipitor did on my labs so I am happy.

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Good tip. Thanks

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Nice haul. Is that from his promo?
Have you seen that ? 10bucks a bottle for big orders. Cheap. Just dont need a hundred bottles of test.

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Yes it indeed was. Funny I actually took the pictures on 6/2 just forgot to post them. $10 a bottle is insane man.