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+ 11 Shoulders and arms


Shoulders getting rounder and arms finally getting bigger, even though I hate training them! Sitting at 230lbs my new plateau :( lol..this bulk has hit a wall! Coasting on test, tren and mast.

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Man, you are looking huge and vascular, is that acne on your shoulder ? I had bad acne like that, I had to quite cycling for 6 months and I was on Accutane for 5 months and acne seem to be gone lets see if it comes back with Mast, tren and test + eq cycle.

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nice brother- thick & strong. Im kinda stuck at 230 myself, need to add another 10lbs in 6 weeks for next comp +1

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Amazing brother

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Great job man! Shoulders look awesome!

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It all depends on the diet man. So for example I'm bulking right now so I'm eating a ton of carbs and have a higher test dose then once the cutting comes in I'll manipulate my carbs and cut the test out a bit.

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Looking very good. +1
What truck stop bathroom did you take this pic in!?! ;-)