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+ 2 Pecs finally catching up


Ever since partially tearing my right pec my chest has been lagging a bit. After 2 cycles it's finally catching back up. I never touch barbells anymore and I'm actually back at the weights I used to do, but I mostly focus on volume for my chest now! Little by little. Sorry I need to shave lol

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Damn bro. Looking solid as hell!! How tall and what you weigh?? +1

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Thanks man I'm trying. 6 ft 231lbs.

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I dig the family crest ink too. I did mine on my delt. +1

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It's actually the Spanish flag man but thanks! I am holding off on my delts for some roman numerals representing a war legion of rome.

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Ha, my bad brother. It looked like a crest. Whoever did it did a nice job by the looks of it. You can hardly see mine but into the armor piece on my chest I had the roman numerals of my fathers D.O.D, of course that is a day I will never forget anyway but never the less it definitely means something to me. I did cheat a little tho, instead of writing 2009 in RN I just used 9.