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+ 4 Second TouchDown From Roidforsale


Second TouchDown From Roidforsale
20 Amp x 100 mg/1ml (RIMOBOLAN)
Arrived 15 days after ordering no broken items packaging was neat and no problems...

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More like mucho dinero lol . Hell of a score. I'm one of the unlucky few in which primo can cause some anxiety similar to EQ. I really wish that was not the case because I did enjoy how well that compound complements HGH

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Nice, but you only have 3 weeks worth of primo there

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just dont wanna to miss up promo. still looking to restock my pocket with some primo

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Stock up quick! I ruined my call cycle once at nine weeks because I didn’t have enough and my source was out of stock by the time I ordered it. I probably could have ordered some UGL stuff, but was so disgusted with my stupidity that I just dropped out. Nine weeks of eod pinning a thick oil for nothing. Gains were just starting to shine, SMH

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good strategy is to slowly stock up when you get it for a good deal. don't need to put a second mortgage on house then to run a cycle of it Lol

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