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  • Oben. T   •   Mon, Jun 13th, '11 16:03   •   9 replies, 1858 views

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Four different batches pictured from two seperate sources.
x1 red ink - 265 8/2014
x7 black ink - 20104294 12/2015
x1 black ink - 20103285 07/2015
x3 black ink - 20111297 02/2016

Mass between amps varied by .11g which is a lot for pharma amps (they were wiped and blasted with compressed air so external dirt shouldn't be a significant factor)
Height varied by up to 1.5mm as well as circumference at widest point of neck.
Exp and batch number printing style varied with smoother black on 2015 amps and sharper dot print on 2016 amps.
(No inaccuracy with scales. 10ml vials usually only vary .3g-.9g. UK prescription amps vary by .1g)

Bad quality control?


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  • sparkys
  • 8 years ago

i have just received the same 20104294 12/2015 exacly as you have my only concern is when you rub at the expiry date and lot number it rubs off vert easily did this happen to yours mate or anyone else

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  • intruder20
  • 9 years ago

I hope these are good. I got 75 of these. similar batch numbers and dates.. Starting mid August with them.

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  • dan88
  • 9 years ago

Well let me know how it goes bud,I'm thinking of purchasing these but there is some sust that i was using 6month ago and it is very good.I just dont have any experience with viron,i know the the sust i was offered done wonders when i used it.
The one thing i would have thought is because these are dated 2015 and 2016 they were manafactured after (obviously,i think it was 2006 but im not 100%) the bayer takeover of schering.From what I know all stamps are now bayer/shering,at least i know this to be the case with euro versions.However like i said I would'nt really know that well with not be experienced with these,let me know how it goes,thumbs up btw for you accuracy and attention to detail...very nice

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  • pageone
  • 9 years ago

Good investigation with them, cant help you with them, im no expert, i do have some testoviron black ink, look decent am using it now, but only done 1 jab of it so far.

Let us know what you find.

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hey pageone let me know how your results go with them, i got the same ones. im at week 3 now and i have not seen much, which is usuall, if im not seeing anything by week 6 ill know its bullshit

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  • roidrager
  • 9 years ago

This is actually very common, wether its pharm grade or not amps with liquid are going to be inconsistent with the amount inside. As for the glass amps themselves this is also very inconsistent but very common, as glass can expand or compress during the cooling stage no 2 amps are exactly alike. Just to the naked eye you can see the ones that are the most off.

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These testovirons from pakistan are known to be a bit poor with amp quality like many others from that region.
Proper pharmaceutical companies (registered in developed nations etc) would not tolerate these kinds of inconsistencies, even a small generics manufacturer in the UK wouldn't allow it, a minor difference in the glass may be acceptable but certainly not in the content.

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Yes but thats not always the case, just because an amp is off under a microscope does not mean they are going to just through the batch away, iv seen this happen for years and have lived overseas and bought these exact amps over the counter so I would know the inconsistencies they bring. Trust me pharmaceutical companies overseas dont scrutinize for these inconstancies they test batches and have paperwork that go with them before they go into a drug store, trust me iv seem amps look way worse and they were prescribed.

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  • Borikua
  • 9 years ago

Good observation but I am not to familiar with the product.

Good luck