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  • Dray-m28   •   Fri, Apr 24th, '20 19:35   •   2 replies, 197 views

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I was ignorant enough to let my maintenance supply run critically low, RB sent me an emergency resupply to hold me over out of kindness, generosity, and understanding customer service.
My stupidity was not Rb's problem, but they made sure to be apart of the solution. Generously sending me what I needed; especially since going to the Dr. for a Testosterone lab test was denied as it was seen as nonessential during this pandemic.

I can't thank them enough!


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  • Roidbazaar
  • 2 months ago

You're welcome, bro ... that's what a good mutual cooperation is about ;) ... we help you when necessary, you are at our side another time ... therefore thanks also from my side to be with us !!
Enjoy the gear ... and cheers my friend ;)

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  • 2 months ago

So far I've heard nothing but good things about Odin. If something is out of stock or there are shipping issues RB always finds a solution. He's a good friend.