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+ 11 Results of my cut a while back


I was looking a little fluffy after I finished my first cycle, so decided to do a quick 8-week cut. This was a while back, but figured I'd share a little of my history since I'm new here.

Went from 194 to 183, a little calorie restriction and carb cycling gets the job done

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Abs really popped out. Nice work.

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Great job bro

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Well done

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Physique is looking great after the cut! Very impressive!

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great results for only an 8 week cut, nice work! reminds me of some of the cuts i've run before with carb cycling, not easy but it pays off

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LMAO, completely forgot about the face. Fixed now

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A little identity restriction might not be a bad idea either.

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Very impressed physique! But you need to cover your face.

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Blur ur face bro

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