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  • Mike1010220   •   Wed, Aug 14th, '19 20:52   •   1 reply, 279 views

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This is the 2nd time I order from this source. The first time was much smoother.

I have ordered me some dbol and deca from this source and this order landed 2 days ago. As you can seen from the pic, the dbol is only good till October and the deca till December.

I have contacted the source and he agreed to reaplce the dbol but not the deca and I said no. I just don't see the point if I am not going to use the deca. I just have to order from another source and contact them before I buy to make sure the stuff is not going to expire in 4 months.

I plan to start this cycle later on in the fall or the winter.

If i'm paying full price for these item (which I did), I expect the stuff to have a year shelf life.


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  • 5 months ago

You are right, things should have a longer shelf life. A few years ago a friend bought me 2 vials of test with just a couple of months left to use. I actually only received 1, the idiot lost one down the side of a hire car seat and couldn't retrieve it, fortunately it's legal to use here.

Like I was saying, almost out of date, almost 6 months over when I popped that vail, I used it at the beginning of a cycle to see if it was OK which it was, felt no difference whatsoever.

Obviously this wasn't a paid order so like yourself I'd expect better but it doesn't look like you will get a replacement.