Raise the Bar


Lady Var, Cialis, Test E and Tren Ace. 2 day TA!

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Sabresfan22's picture

Tren looks like liquid gold !

Legion of Doom's picture

Gonna have to try this scr soon liking everything I see and his customer seem like some of the best nice order bro.

Mr.Raise's picture

why to wait Mr Legion?

Legion of Doom's picture

Lol u got me there man no excuses now, talk to u soon brotha.

professer X's picture

This gear is as good as it looks.. mr raise keep it up..

ECinfidel's picture

Those 24ml bottles look better every time I see one. I see one in my future. Enjoy man.

Mr.Raise's picture

Really nice picture bro, thanks for sharing and enjoy!

Makwa's picture

That test e bottle looks like it is on steroids or something. Looking large.

Mr.Raise's picture

LOL, actually it is on steroids double the size Mr Makwa

Dope's picture

Man i love mrraise presentation !!

Enjoy brother