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Just received a nice order from Products look great and shipped fast. I chose these products for specific reasons and i'm going to start testing the products right now and will update with all the results. I like this company because I've had great experiences with past orders.

  • 2 x Melanotan 2
  • 2 x IGF 1 - LR3
  • 3 x Hexarelin 5mg
  • 2 x Sildenafil 50mg/ Tadalafil 30mg
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Yea man your gonna love the IGF I've used their igf before pumps are insane.

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You're right, it's my first time testing out igf1-lr3 and the pumps that the test subject achieves is alot greater than I have expected. Dosing at 20mcg daily, on workout days it's being dosed immediately post workout and mornings on off days. Observed an increase in appetite though not sure if it's due to the igf1 or the Hexarelin the test subject is also taking at 200mcg daily. So far I'm happy with what I'm observing.

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Keep me posted. Always love a good melanotan2

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The MT2 is great stuff, an initial dose at 500mcg resulted in test subject having a slight headache and an upset stomach. Continued with 200mcg EOD which resulted in negative sides no longer observed. First thing to notice is the existing dark spots/freckles appear to darken and become more pronounced, which is an effect observed with previous testing and went back to normal once discontinued last year. Being outside daily taking walks in sunny weather and also one time in an indoor tanning booth and already becoming a nice shade or two darker. I think this dose is perfect for the results I'm looking for my test subject to achieve, to have a golden natural looking skin color where tanner than everyone else without going overboard and looking fake. I received 2 bottles and I feel this amount will most likely be all my test subject will need all year. I actually live along the beach so once the beach weather comes there is plenty of sun, for my test subject. I actually haven't tested out any other sellers MT2, but with there prices they have along with great sales they have I don't see a reason to go elsewhere.