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These pics are roughly 5 weeks in. Up 10lbs 239-249 eating clean and 95% on diet plan. 300p 600c 70f.
Gear: 900 test e/600eq for 5 weeks. Started anavar 50mg 10 days ago. Only taking on training days,(5days a week.) And just started mast e 300 mg a week 8 days ago. Super stoked with results so far and just this last week strength and endurance has much higher then expected. Couldn't be more pleased. Thx 87
Also got bloods last week but they did wrong test for test. Gave me the over 1500 bullshit. Gonna do again next week.

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looks like a good job sir!!

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nice work

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look big and solid

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looking good! keep killing it.

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Impressive delts bro

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Looking striated and dry +1

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You look great good job.

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Look good my bro

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Looking lean and mean bro +

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looking good bro!!! Smile

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Sounds like nice gains. Looking great. Progress means your doing a lot lf things right.

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Right on, appreciate it. Doing things right is expensive af. Ya know the cycles are actually the less expensive thing these days. Between liver, kidney support powders, food etc doing things right costs. Although when the bloods come back with everything in check mid cycle it's worth every penny.

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Nice work Good

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Looking great brother!!!

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you looks amazing bro, can I use anavar only without test ?

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Sure you could. Although from my experience using test as a base always yeilds better results, even if just at a trt dose.

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Looking good man

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Keep on truckin bro +1

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Looking great.
How old are you?

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Thx bro, I'm 47

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Great job +1

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Looking solid respect +1