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+ 9 Promo touchdown


Summer pack touchdown. 12 days from order to landing!

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Let me know how that primo pins and if you get pip. His sust gave me bad pip.

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Damn 12 days?!

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Nice. Expecting some primo myself too. N GH

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Anadrol 50 and Primo??! Going for opposite ends of the scale there eh buddy! lol

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Could be for a later cycle or something.

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Yes please review it, I just can't do the 100 per ml or I would have gotten a bunch.

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I was on the fence with it too but pin frequency would have been nutty... should have 20 sust 250 & 10 mast e 200 on the way for my stash.

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I like it, I have some sus250 but I am loving the T400. Yummy

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Definitely gonna have to let us know about that Primo,