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+ 5 Promo Primo 200


This is from the generous teamroids promo. I am going to add this into my current cut stack. Havnt decided on dose and all that yet. Don’t want to crash estrogen.

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enjoy brother and thanks for posting

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I’m goddamn jealous. I’ll give a thumbs up, but I’m goddamn jealous.

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More primo guess everyone on eroids besides me is running running primo. That and npp would be a great cycle great pick up let us know how you like it

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Will do.

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600mg would be a good addition but you will likely need to bump test up then also. 400mg would also be viable with your stack and you just might get away with the lower test.

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Thanks bro. Been a big help also with the DHB questions. Appreciate ya.

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I'm predicting a 550lb Bench coming soon buddy!! Yes 3

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Shoulders today man. Chest been stopping at 405 for reps. Trying to feel the muscle lately. Strength this winter.

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