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+ 5 Promo Pack from Team Roids


So Team Roids was nice enough to add me on a Promo and finish up my stockpile for Spring/April run. Already had their Dragon Test Cyp, Para Pharma NPP, and Inj Dbol ready to go.
But they added in the extra NPP I needed and the oral Dbol (on the left). And a few blue Cock bomb freebies ( I think that's what they are, bomb in cursive lol). I'll ask the wife later.
The rest is a little inventory restock (Hcg and Accutane). Will be running this in conjunction with HGH ( different source) long term. Nothing too complicated. Still on the fence about the Dbol kickoff for few weeks.
Labs before startup of course. Thanks for the continued fast and quality stuff.

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You’re going to use the npp before me. I can’t wait to hear your feedback brother.

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thanks for sharing bro

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Nice, this pic speaks a lot about your priorities, notice the placement of the products. This pic says your first priority is your cock & balls. lol
Have fun bro Smile +1

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Now the shear thought and presentational skills that have gone into that picture must at least pre-qualify him for another promo in the future eh Teamroids??!! LOL Mosking Good

Top gear there Bud.

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100% pre-qualify bro