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Promo pack


2 bottles of atlas equipoise at 200mg

Ordered from:
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Have you used this lab before?? Hearing good things and thinking about giving it a try

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I’m gonna probably run 400a week I shall do my research first thanks

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Thinking about giving this lab a try, have you used it before besides this eq?

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Great lab! Great source! Be careful with that stuff... use the search bar and be smart.

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LMAO Have you seen this guy's physique Mol?? I'm afraid he is your teacher in this scenario ....

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I probably am lol

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Yes anyone man that wears leggings to the gym i dont mess with lol. He is a monster
Let us know how that atlas works for ya. Ive never tried it

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Oh good God! This is what happens when you don't check profiles! Guys a beast! Lol

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Lol your funny bro