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+ 4 Promo order from DC Pharma + RoidTest Results


Yeah buddy! Big pack I picked up from DC Pharma's recent promo landed yesterday!

Grabbed some Test E, Deca, Masteron and Anavar.

Roidtest Results / Thoughts:
Test E: Came back as definitely Test E or C and had a strong reaction (200mg+). Just posted bloodwork that also confirms this.

Deca: Came back as definitely nandrolone decanoate and had a strong reaction (200mg+).

Masteron: A and B vials - which are primarily used to identify ester - came back quite yellow and had a strong reaction to uv light. The yellowish color can occur with virtually any ester when MCT oil is used (which is the case here). However, according to Colormetrics, the reaction to UV light is only happens when propionate or phenylpropionate are present.
The D vial - which is primarily used to identify hormone - went from purple to dark purple to black over about 4 minutes. A limitation of the D vial is that it VERY poorly differentiates between Nandrolone and Testosterone (they both produce the same reaction), and also somewhat poorly identifies Drostanolone as it produces a similar reaction to Testosterone and Nandrolone, just over a slightly longer timescale.
Make of this result what you will. I can elaborate more in comments if you are interested, just ask. At best, the result is ambiguous. At worst, there is a possibility NPP, Test Prop, or Mast Prop was present in the sample I tested.

This is the 3rd time I've purchased Masteron from DC and both previous times it verified correctly in terms of both ester and anabolic compound (albeit the result from my first order was a bit more equivocal than the result from my 2nd - I posted photos of those two tests previously if you are interested).
According to Tom, this Masteron was brewed using the same raws as the previous two orders I have placed with him.
Overall, I am very pleased with my dealings with Tom and DC Pharma so far and am personally not going to get too caught up in this one abberant at-home test result.

Feel free to ask any questions. I will do my best to answer!

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Throw those Roidtests away. They are garbage. I feel they do more harm than good. There is a reason why none of the sources on here will except them as proof that gear is fake. If you are going to go through all this work testing your gear, send it out for lab testing. There are posts related to where to send gear out for testing.

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Hey Achak. While you and I don't see 100% eye to eye on what to do with the RoidTest kits, I appreciate you chiming in to share your opinion. It was comments such as yours that led me to deeply question the validity results produced by the RoidTests. I reached out to Colormetrics directly some time ago to better understand the mechanisms by which their kits work, their limitations, and some situations in which they are ideal to deploy. This series of conversations was extremely useful and I would encourage others who are interested to contact the manufacturer as well to hear their side of the story in addition to perusing the knowledge on this subject available here on eroids and other online forums.

I have used Janoshik in the past to verify results produced by the at-home kits. But boy would it be nice if there was a US domestic service that was as secure and trusted! If others were unaware such services were available to us lay-users, hopefully your comment helps them to discover how to access HPLC testing themselved.

Thanks again for your helpful contribution and happy Thursday!

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Those tests do not show mg amount so dont play shill here. They only show subsrance

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You are mostly correct. Colormetrics says that higher mg/ml produce a "stronger" reaction in their A-D vials, but there is no scale to which to compare those reactions. At best, those kits can identify ester and hormone.

However - the F and the G tests are newer to the lineup and Semi-Quantitative in nature. They only react to Testosterone E or C and 19-nor steroids, respectively. If you check out my pictures, you can see the F test turned a very dark brown (200+ mg/ml) and the G test a bright red (200+ mg/ml).

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Hell ya nice bro

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Thanks for the non biased information… I love how you don’t bash guys and acknowledge the limitations of home tests

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I like to imagine the point of this site is to help even out information asymmetry in the UGL landscape in as civil a manner possible. Thank you for your kind words.

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Good stuff!! +1

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Same masteron raw and same supplier I’ve been using. Mast e isn’t a big seller. I still have the same powder batch on it as I did few months ago. (I can’t remember when you last ordered). But not for nothing I’ve had issues with the deca test personally and the halo test. I do have some janos out I should have them back in the next 10ish days

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Hey Tom

I have tested your masteron 3 times and 2 out of 3 times it has come back perfect. I am certain it's all from that same batch of raws.

FWIW, I used the RoidTest kit on mast in the past from a previous supplier and it came back as Testosterone - but when I sent that product in to Jano for a blind test, it came back as drostanolone enanthate.

As I have said in another comment, you have been great to me so far. As I am the newcomer, I will leave it up to your discretion - if you don't think the average eRoids user will be able to parse out that you are a legit supplier here, I can edit my review and take down the part about the masteron.
Otherwise, I think it might serve as a good reminder that the RoidTest kits are far from infallible and the results obtained from them should be interpreted with caution.

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Yeah, don't discredit sources products simply going off these at home roid tests because they are not accurate most of the time.

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Tom has taken great care of me each time I've done business with him. Not my intention to discredit him or his product in any way! I have shared RoidTest results from every order + just posted up great bloodwork today.

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From most accounts those tests are poor at best. Send some unlabelled vials to a more credible testing facility.

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I totally agree the vial tests are not without their issues and limitations. A proper hplc test would definitely be the best way to go. Thank you for bringing this up! It's no doubt helpful to other users who aren't as familiar with the accuracy / utility of the RoidTest kits when it comes to testing different aas. Stay swole!