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The goods!!

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Nice always spot on from what I’ve used from quad

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I’ll check this place out . Hopefully they have peptides . That’s what I’m hunting . Other goodies would be fun too --

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Nice bro. He's got HIGH dose gear and great 'after-hours' goodies too. Good

You won't be disappointed Ok

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Nice order the test e is awesome.

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Some Tasty products in there bro!!

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Damn, that dude sells weed & mushrooms?? That doesn't seem like a good idea to buy those that way

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Unless you live in Kansas, Nebraska or Idaho I wouldn't even worry about it. Some addies would be nice though! That candy is hard to find. Good thing I have a Rx for it!

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Why, are those states harder to get things too?

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Tougher laws. Bigger risk. The mail carriers don't do nothing extra to the package.

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How do they cover the smell of the weed lmao.. you would think it would be a dead give away. The shrooms I would be a lit more confident with.

I wonder if anyone has actually tried it before.

Thanks for the info, glad I don't live in those states

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I’m pretty sure if it’s vacuum sealed it will contain the odor

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I’m gunna have to check this dude out, he’s got all that high mg stuff like 200 mast p and 200 tren a 150 prop. I’ve never seen any of those before, at least not that I noticed

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