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+ 9 Progress pic after summer lean bulk


Trying to make another good run at it had fun with this cycle about two years ago tore my right pec clean off the bone had surgery to reattach it ..so been trying to get back at it slowly but surly …on all viogen test cyp @500mg/wk tren ace 125 375/wk masteron prop@375mg/wk and pharma hgh 4ius Monday through Friday

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Your bicep vein is as big as my bicep.

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looking good brother. keep up the good work. how long did it take you to get back on the bench after your tendon rupture?

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-- thanks brother

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Thank you brothers --

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Swole bro nice snake tattoo

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thanks brother yea it’s still in the works been like two years time to maybe get another session in on it lol

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Veins Poppin!!!

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You're swole my dude!

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