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Here's a little progress pic. Weight = 235lbs down from 242lbs. This is actually the arm I tore the triceps tendon off the bone back in 2019. I actually was able to grow it from 19 inch in 2019 before injury to 20inch today almost 3 years after after surgery. Still half inch smaller than other side but all good considering. Infrajet ( gives great pumps in the gym and been burning belly fat with no changes to diet.
test prop/test suspension (balkan pharmaceutical)
Eq/tren hex (vermodje)
Primobolan (just finish masteron switched to Primo)
Winstrol injection 50mg/ oral 50mg
Novotrop HGH


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Looking good bro no homo thick as fuck

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Nice physique ,bro. Killin’ it.

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Dang that tank Top old school memories !
Looking good big T hard work & dedication pays off I’m happy to hear that you healed your tendon injury I’ve been following on it keep it up brother!!

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Lol, I stay rockin the old school apparel, I came up in a hard-core Era. You won't see me in no gym shark or whatever the hell else these cats today flex. Still wearing the big man XXXL tee's and the old hard-core gym tanks

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Hahah I have no gym shark outfit not even one item
I’ve been following Antoine and actually bought a couple of the brand he advertise from Australia
They fit really nice and 2-3 XL fits great on their T-shirts

But your tank top that same one brought memories i used to buy my regular protein jug at a local small supplement shop,2 decades ago and we use to get 1 free exact of those with purchase lol

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Haha hell yea bro

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Inspirational bro! Had the same exact injury in March.

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Big shoulders. Looking good

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I appreciate all the comments my brothers

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Fuckin monster! I'm jumping on the Infrajet soon! Super excited! Seeing is believing......keep killin it my dude!

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The drop in weight looks good. It is amazing how dumping some fat weight actually makes us look bigger. Keep it up. Good

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I need to drop a Lil more lol

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Looking awesome brother!!! Keep killing it!!!!

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Hard worker !!!
Stay Healthy !

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Fuck yea man! You are large and shredded. How old of a guy are ya if u don't mind. Shit!

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Thanks bro, don't know about shredded but muscle maturity yes. 40 yrs

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I've got a few more years on you (7) but you have a LOT more muscle than I. Great progress brother ! Keep it up.

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Jesus your shoulder is the size of my head!!

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Damn looking massive bro. I wish I had the ability to get like that. My genetics are completely terrible. The best I can get is looking like a bricklayer lol

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Don't say things like that to yourself, there are studies that show people who talk about having bad genetics leads to poor performance and people who have actually bad genetics but tell themselves they have great genetics have better performance and results. What we tell ourselves matters so don't be so hard on yourself.

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Exactly, I don't have "good" genetics

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You’re a fucking animal mate, no two ways around it

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Thanks but I really don't have "good genetics " it took my 19+ years to achieve this. If I had good genetics I would surpass this

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Bro, I struggle with the same thing. I have to work my ass off daily and eat as healthy as I can. Plus, when I hit 40 I really had to work even harder, felt like everything was working against me. But, you are looking solid bro! Those 19 years have paid off my man. Keep it up!

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Looks very good bro
even overcoming adversity and complicated injuries.
the shoulder is a crazy thing Smile +1

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Look amazing big bro.

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You’re looking insane brother!

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Looking good my friend.
U must be so proud of ur work bro, 20’s aren’t easy to acquire.

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I am proud but I'm never satisfied, I try to achieve more every year. It's getting much harder though no matter what I do

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Looking big bro keep it up , infrajet must be doing something right lol

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Looking great brother

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You’ve always rocked an excellent physique. Keep it brother

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Those arms are screaming vermodje! Looking even bigger and harder bro!

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Thank you everyone

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Looking great man! That vermodje brand is one I’ve been looking into for a bit, might have to grab soon. +1

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Damn dude . You’re looking bigger and harder than your last post . No homo

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INFRAJET crew looking big

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Get on the rocket bro sky the limit

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That Balkan suspension is smooth and had hardly any pip at all. Looking good bro! +1