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+ 12 8 week progress


Weight hasn't changed in either direction from last week, still 243lb I maybe a little bit tighter. I sucks at taking pics and I don't have anything pretty about my physique. I do not compete I do this for the sole purpose of my own personal satisfaction and love for experimenting with anabolics. I have overcome a lot in the past 3 years with injuries and digestion issues.

My Injectables are from GORILLAKINGZ
600mg DHB/WK
everything I'm using from here has been great and ib plan to use GK in the future

HUMATROPE 5 I.U./daily

This is definitely the best GH I'VE USED. True pharmaceutical grade has guaranteed consistency and dosing.

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Big beast tone boom!!

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Looking huge!! Does their DHB give you any pip?

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Very minor pip. GK does s good job

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I'm headed to the gym right now... I want to look like a tank too!! Looking huge brother!

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Get it bro

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Damn those shoulders are insane, looking good brother ----

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Solid work brother! Very impressive. You enjoying the DHB? We’re you running EQ or was that just in my mind I thought you were lol

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Last cycle was eq this cycle dhb

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Ahh good shit. Looking good man, really the perfect physique for what I’m after. I’m not trying to kill myself and not enjoy life with a crazy diet. I don’t compete I just like to see what I’m looking at in the mirror. This right here is my goal.

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Keep at it my bro you'll get there

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Solid bro +

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Looking jacked!

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Looking Great brother! Keep up the hard work BIG T!

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Thumbs up T! Keep pushin forward.

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Dense muscle right there

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Thanks bro. Years of Dorian Yates style training. I'm not that lean either but when you have dense muscle you can be fat and vascular lol. One day I'll suffer and actually diet to see what I can look like. Right now I'm enjoying life eating what I desire and still look decent

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Fat and vascular aka me in the off season lol I know what you mean though our "fat" and society's "fat" is also different

definitely got that dense high intensity training look, happy you are healthy and enjoying life brother