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Currently 6’4” 296lbs Just finished bulk Anadrol/test e/tren e run for 12 weeks. Adrol started at 50mg x1 day up to 100mg split 2x day stop after 30 days. Test e 450mg split 2x week and tren e 400mg split 2x week upped to 500mg after @6wks. Been off about 3wks. Planning on cutting going into summer in about another month and half. I’d like to get down to 275-280 or even 12-10 percent bf or lower if I can do it but I think that’sa reasonable goal.

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Hi brother,

I have tried to contact by PMs on eroids but I haven't seen your response last 5 months.. Please could you check and reply me? If you can't see PM in your inbox, please send me new message to reply you again.


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Awesome bro. Plus 1 from me. You are killing it. Keep up that consistency. Don’t stop. You got this!!

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Big mofo! ++
Solid weight for sure. Looking swole

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You should FR shitforbrains pal - he's the same height as you trying to get to your weight Smile

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Press you know me so well lol. I love how good of a friend you are to me mate. Just a solid bloke from across the pond. Juggernaut, idk how much you know press bro but he’s gold on here. If you aren’t already on his groups get in there. Just ask him to send you the invite bro. All good shit.

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How have you been lately mate - Just chuggin along with work and stuff? Fightin them fires ...

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All these damn giants today, jesus