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I eat off, try to be more fertile, and it resulted in a hormonal shock and a high percentage of fat, I was thinking of doing a primoloban cycle but I am new to using this substance, I don't know if I would get better use of primoloban, having a low percentage of fat, or do a cycle of tren E cycle lose fat first

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If you have a few $1000 you want to use up then yes, primo on a cut works wonders, it's just not economical.. You've clearly built tons of muscle and I'm sure you know you can lose the fat without the primo.
Definitely skip the tren..shits rougher than what you need.
Hit that doc up and then re asses?

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Had you eaten a big carb based meal before this photo? Looks like mostly bloat, I can look the same at 12% after a Sunday roast.

If you were lean you’d look 3D on TRT alone. Then smash the drugs to grow and leave humanity behind.

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Eat alpt carbs weeks before the photo lol

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Although you have a solid base, i think you'd be wasting quite a bit of money on a primo cycle that you're not going to get a tremendous benefit from due to your percentage body fat.

If you have chronic low T, you'd be better served with a trt does of test, diet, and cardio and exercise. Get your body fat down before incorporating primo bud.

Hope this helps.

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Thanx bro

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Is it just me, but you look lean.. and (no offense) but it looks like your extending your gut out. I saw you previous posted pictures and you look super lean, so obviously, you know how to lean out. I can see a lot of definition bro in this pic..

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Why is this placed with OTB as SRC??

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Used his gear in next cycle

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Or just diet without drugs.

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I eating right just i have low test 148ng/dl for long period trust me that fuck everything mood and en endurance for work,workout,sex drive is trash

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Bro, you look solid. But get a better doctor to get on TRT. I would chill on any Roids until you get blood work. That will definitely steer a doctor from prescribing TRT. IMO

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Bloods are 148ng/dl for 33 guy,so back on TRT already 2 days ago and feel again that dick pumps in the morning lol

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Gotta love morning wood! It really started the day off right.. Smile

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I left link on other post. You contact dude yet?

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Yes brother,apreciate it,i just call my urologist, and he say for now add hcg Twice a week and clomid everyday,and few months going to check sperm count and see how is going everything on recovery

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Damn that’s low