+ 1 Pre-Cycle Blood Work


Grabbed some pre-cycle labs (01/17/21) after switching from my pharmacy Test C to UG's Para Test 250. Finished the vial legit and might I say over-dosed? I'm not complaining. This was at the Dr prescribed TRT dosage of 250mg /week, which after this cycle I am going to fine-tune it between 75mg-150mg.

Aromasin 12.5mg EOD in response to the elevated E2.

I am concerned about Glucose and CO2.

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Your numbers seem decent, your test/e2 are a bit HIGH for trt. Might want to look at a lipid panel next time. Hard to say much, without knowing your history or past bloodwork.

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Yeah, I kicked my TRT doc to the curb about a month after finding eroids. $400 a month for 1 vial and 10 pins with quacktastic advice.

I was let down to see I mistakenly did not add my lipids on this one. I have always had some issues but as of last bw I had it under control.

I agree very high for TRT.

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Impressive... Batch #?

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Batch numbers dont mean a thing on ugl.

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You can contact your primary and retest the glucose. A hair above could be many factors.

Agree on adjusting doses to get down to a more natural level for cruise

Co² ....electrolites possibly. Again, the primary can retest to check and remove any serious issues