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Well guys not only did I survive but no pacemaker and doc says the problem is fixed for good, it's full speed aheadd

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Great news !!

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That’s awesome news!

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That’s awesome news! Congrats!

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Good for you...ALWAYS HEALTH before any of this stuff man.

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Fuck yeah, I’m happy that’s safely behind you bro. Speedy recovery and then let’s go!

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Recovery soon bro

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Hoping you a speedy recovery.

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Congrats on your transition!

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Lmao. I think the same thing when I see or hear post op.

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Hahahahaha my pronoun is ze now unc

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Awesome brother! Rest up, get yourself back to 100%. It's all up from here.

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Happy to hear that brother. Welcome back. +1

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Don’t know what happened to you but wish you the best brother

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Brilliant news buddy - did you have a pacemaker removed?

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Catheter ablation, I was born with wpw

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So glad you didn't have to go that route bro with pacemaker. +1
Whole new world of maintenance you don't want. I went into A. Fibb w/ RVR a LONG time ago. Had to get full defibb/cardiovert. Sucked. DR said if it happened again, ablation was next. Pacemaker eventually So far, I've been good.

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Ya It would have affected my career, I'm a welder so pacemaker would have been bad for that, I'm glad your doing good, my grandpa has afib.

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Oh it did affect mine for a very short time. Happened on shift, so had to deal with it. But that was a different job, much more important then. But yeah, been all good since then. No A.Fibb, I stay in a strong NSR. I get a little "skip" when I'm really tired/haven't slept in while. I'm sure it'll come up again in some years. I check it at work from time to time.

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Ya It got too dangerous to work so I've been off since mid february

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Let's go, glad you are good my guy.

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Great news. I wish you a speedy recovery and return to the gym!

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Congrats man!!

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Brilliant news …. Congratulations brother, I’ll be tuned in to watch your future progression.

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