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  • Gmp75   •   Tue, Nov 5th, '19 00:04   •   3 replies, 292 views

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Nothing crazy just 3 TrenE to add to my next cycle. Running a low 150-200mg a week. Have been away from bodybuilding for a while so 150mg of Tren will do wonders for me!

Went with TrenE as I have ran tren before in the off season and understand how it’ll affect me and the sides I get can be managed.

Hoping to have good luck with Dragon P, buddy said they have fixed all the past issue they had with quality.


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  • 9 months ago

They definitely have, careful with that stuff bud. Anaboliclab tested it recently at 221 mgs per ml so dose accordingly.

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Oh wow, thank you for the heads up. Definitely will be dozing accordingly. Don’t think I need too much, I’ll let my diet, training/Cardio and sleep decide how my progress is made, Tren is that fun little push:)

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  • 9 months ago
  • @Gmp75

Smart man