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Placed a small order for some goodies to try out. Ordered 4 Ultima TNE 100, 2 Ultima Helios, 2 Ultima TNE/OXY 70. I'm guessing they were out of TNE 100 and just sent me 4 more TNE/OXY 70 instead. The Cialis was an added bonus. Ordered 10/31 delivered 11/15

updated. Will post a picture without packaging. Forgot about the packaging rules. Heavens forbid people know it came in a brown box

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That tne/oxy stuff is legit! I blow up using that stuff for like 10 days preworkout. It was a noticeable difference like 12 pounds in two weeks probably 10 of it was solid muscle. I’ve never seen anything like it. I would’ve kept doing it but I was starting to kind of feel shitty and my sleep was getting bad. But it’s great for like a quick two week transformation

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Thanks for your input. I plan to run it as a pre-workout. I currently run 1cc of TNE 100 and 1/2cc of Dbol 80 (Dbol on arms and chest/shoulder days only) I get a heck of pump. Feel like muscles will explode. The TNE/OXY will be my goto when I stop my Dbol run. After your input I can't wait to try it out. Thank you

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@ Finnatobbuff81

You are going to get 4 TNE 100 as you ordered and it was sent to figure it out by shipping warehouse already!

Please share and reply here when you are going to get reshipment here again!

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