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This cycles started out amazing but due to getting sick and having a variety of health issues, some that I am still getting sorted out I was not able to quite put in the work I wanted to. My diet was okay but could be better but I've been dealing with a lot fo stressful stuff in life so I could not make training a priority. Im already gradually coming off the cycle in order to get fully healthy and get some stuff sorted out in my life. A real bummer because the cycle started out amazing. In these pics I am 5'7 and 216 pounds. Thanks to all the members who have helped me with advice and encouragement I sincerely appreciate it.

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+1 good job, hope all goes well for you bro and the next one can be better. I too knows what it is to have multiple issues with life happen back to back to back. Always, just do the best you can, you'll be surprised what you can do

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Fucking straight BEAST......you're a monster, Ink and all......but shit....you already know that.
plus 1

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Monsters do exist! Get well soon brother +1

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Holy shit. Nice work!!!

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Very solid as usual bro!

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You been going hard and it shows brother. Impressive +2

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What does your cycle look like? You’re killing it brother. Keep grinding away. #jacked

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It was 750 test e, 800 mast e, 800 primo e per week. Split up into shots on Sunday and Thursday. First four weeks ran an 75 mg tbol daily. Have been running 4iu hgh plus did about 6 weeks of insubolic 300mcg. Thanks brother

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looks great, with hgh do you split dosage?

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the majority of time of don't, just use 4 iu before bed, but sometimes ill split the dosage and do half PWO

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Jacked and cut to say the least. +1

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Thanks pickle!

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inspirational bro!!! u are truly dedicated and hope ur health issues are solved. ty

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I get inspiration from all the guys on here myself. There are some truly dedicated and knowledgeable people around here.

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Majority of these guys here are more knowledgeable than an endocrinologist!!
Thats a fact Keith!!

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Ripped Bro!.. + from me. Sorry u weren't able to finish how u wanted. U can deffinately tell u put in serious work. Awesome pics brother.. Get ur health tight and keep us posted...

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Thanks bro. Sincerely appreciate it

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When the fuck did Wes Watson join eroids?

Improvements everywhere, looking like you put at least 10% of quality size on each muscle from your last photos. You definitely don’t skip calfs.

Care to share you diet and training routine when you get the opportunity?

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Thanks bro, yeah I work out calves plus genetically it’s my best muscle group. For training this cycle i did things a little different then I normally would. I had no set schedule. I was just choose what muscles to train and exercises to do in the moment with how I felt at the time. Always listening to my body. Sometimes I would hit just chest for 2 hours. All free weights. Other times i might hit a whole body workout. Same things goes with reps and the amount of weight. Might be in the 4-6 rep range the whole work out or might might do high reps lower lower weight. Or somewhere in between. I feel this was good for shocking the muscles but also because of my sickness i missed some training sessions and couldn’t put all my effort into my work outs

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Sorry to hear about the healthy problems big man. Doesn’t reflect in the physique is all I can say.

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As far as diet goes my plan was to do carb cycling. Again i started off really well which had me feeling good. Recently tho i would have days like where everything i eat and drink i throw up. This obviously left me feeling depleted and weak while training. When i can hold down my food now it feels like my stomach has shrunken. I feel I need to eat a lot to not only replenish and make up for the days of throwing up all nutrients, but also because I’m on a cycle and have been training hard snd pushing myself past my limit like I’m accustomed to doing. Sorry for the poor grammar and run on sentences but I’m at the dmv waiting in line to get one of the new ID’s necessary to fly starting later this year.’

I appreciate you bro and It’s true just going off appearances alone I would be pretty satisfied with my results from this cycle especially considering i cut it drastically short. I was planning on 20 week cycle snd just started tapering off after 10 weeks which is very short for a primo, mast, and test e cycle. The problem I have is I do this to not only look good but to feel good and TBH i have been feeling like walking death for the past 3-4 weeks. Does this have to do with my gear usage. I wouldn’t think so as I’m using compounds i Have used before besides primo. Test, mast and tbol at moderate dosages plus some hgh at 4iu. But In the end these are still potentially dangerous substances I’m injecting into my body. Since health is my first priority I’m coming off everything except my trt dose until I can figure out what is wrong with me.

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F’n YOKED!!!! Nice taper too man. Well done. Hopefully your health issues aren’t too serious. Prayers sent your way. Cheers

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Appreciate your prayers brotha. First time in my life when i honestly don’t know what exactly is wrong with me and what I need to do resolve the issue.

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5'7 216lbs looking built like a brick house +1 brotha!

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Thanks bro, dropped about ten pounds from beginning of cycle, but feel most of that was fat.

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Keith u look amazing ... Its always a good thing took take time off .... +1

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Thanks big man. Means a lot from a beast like you bro

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Looking good man, the tats make it a little hard to see vascularity and cuts but you got in some pretty good shape. Solid cycle and solid results.
Plus two from the Beard

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Thank you Brother. Your totally right about the tats covering up the vascularity but it is what it is

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Bro Quad ENVY!! Legs looking good
No homo!!
You look awesome!!!! Congrats on all the hard work! And damn your boys in the pen got skills tats are sick AF

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thanks bro

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Wow looking great even with all that was going on.
Whose primo did you use
Looked great

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The Primo was from a few sources. One was only onlythebestaas, the other sources are UGL's not listed on eroids

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5’7 and 216?!? Damn man looking good!!

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Looking fkn good, especially for not being where you say you would be. Dedication is definitely showing. The avatar is awesome also. MARK IT A ZERO!!!

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My favorite character from any movie

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NICE WORK Keith! Looks damn good for everything not being as perfect as you would have liked. IDK what kind of monster you will be after a perfect run. Thanks for all your help. Nice tats by the way too. +

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Thanks bro. likewise

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Damn man nice! What primo you running? +

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thanks brother. Ima message you.

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God damn you spend all your money on juice and ink!? +2 man that's been good work for years.

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I have spent zero dollars total on ink. One of the few benefits of prison. Im actually paying to have some of them removed from my head, hands, and face. The removal is ten times more painful then getting them as well. LOL

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That's crazy, I've got a couple gs in ink and God knows how much I've gotten on gear lol
That sucks about the painful removal...I was thinking about it but maybe I'll just keep the parts I wanted gone..my sternum was by far the worst. Fuck that.

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Yeah, well, I'm limited to +2, otherwise... definitely beat me to summer condition lol. Congrats on the payoffs for the hard work bro! Beast.

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Appreciate that from you bud.

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Look great man... I hope you get healthy and get everything sorted out that’s what’s important a cycle will always be waiting for you good luck bro!!!

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thanks bro