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PharmaQ Test E 300mg


I had to come off blasting as my bloods were out of whack and was referred to Endo by my doctor. Endo asked my doc to repeat bloods before seen me.
So I came off except 0.6 ml of PharmaQ Test E = 180mg test a week. I had not injected for two weeks before bloods on purpose as I was hoping to see Endo and me put on legit TRT. For some fucking reason I took 0.6mg day before thinking it would take week to get in my system and I be still under 250. My test came back at 31 so that's 900...Not sure correct scientific measurement word..
So I'm not been referred to Endo as I'm above range.
Seems good numbers for 0.6mg test E...

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Maybe dont screw the system

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Oh no!!! Great numbers but not in your case. Redo what you did and just remember to remember to forget.

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Got you lol... I fucked up for sure having the shot....

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What the fuck are you on about? Like a riddle lol..

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LOL I think he means 'forget' to take the Test

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Hahaha what I'm saying is don't forget to not inject next time so you get that appointment