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+ 17 Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Test E300 Bloods

  • 300 mg/wk

  • 6mg aromasin ED.

  • Estradiol 36 [3-70] pg/mL

  • Real dosed!

  • Very good gear.

  • No pip after injection

  • Used both from buyas and pharmacomstore, can't go wrong with both sources.

So pleased with results so far.

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+2 for bloods and verifying product quality

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Great numbers thanks for posting

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Pretty good numbers. I love pcom!
+1 for bloods

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When did you draw after you pinned? and when did you start your cycle?

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5-6 weeks in... draw 24 hrs after a pin of 1 ml

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Where did you get the aromasin? It’s working, nice numbers man

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Used Phcom Aromasin and Pfizer from buyas, both on point brotha!

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Been saying it for years . Pharmacom is the best in the game. You get what you pay for

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Hell yea I used to be a good fan of AP and last cycle i did pharmacon only and holy shit pharmacon is good shit too. The orals are potent af .

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agree, Pharmacom always on point!

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+1 running now and it's pharmacy grade as far as I can tell

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I'm on same test e 300 but from another source and got 2110 from 200 mg weekly

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wow, 2100 from 200mg sounds like overdosed!

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Nope. Everyone metabolizes differently. But as enhanced life says above pharmacom is the cat's meow for gear.

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When/where we’re these taken? They changed the reference range for total test last summer to 916 at the top end.

Were these quest or labcorp?

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through my doc and then labsmd,

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Gotcha. LabsMD uses quest. They’re still 1100 top range. Actually now that I think about it I should have known cuz labcorp was never 1100, it was 1197 and changed to 916. My fault man. + for testing

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Great numbers, + for posting, I tested it a few months ago and had almost identical numbers for the dose, 150/wk put me at 700+ 5 days after pinning. My results were the same I get on dr prescribed Watson test.

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Thanks , sounds good!

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estradiol 36 isn’t it too low? shouldn’t it be 70?

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Everyone’s different. I start getting gyno symptoms around 55 lol. No joke. 20-40 is about where I like mine too.

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nah, it's good

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Well, it depends... if mine goes too close to 70 i feel lower libido... 20-40 feels best for me

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Thanks for bloods +1

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Thanks for testing, good numbers!
Which batch mate?

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Thanks for post