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Pharma grade Testosterone enanthate


small test order Testosterone enanthate Galenika

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Will start using them next week and in few weeks maybe will do a blood test, before few years used galenika from this source i think it look like the same in boxes with 10amps and get great results in moderate doses

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what batch did you get?

I have lot: 55890 exp:062025

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I use the same ones exactly and I informed legit a few days ago and today that I am not satisfied with them!!

maybe I also received a bad batch can be anything

but he is always very friendly and does a good job

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I think they are Absolutely original, they are made in Serbia of course, exp dates on every ampule match with batch and exp date on the box. About the sticker i ask a friend who can read it and the info is "manufacturer Galenika AD, some address of manufacturer and then importer of product for Macedonian market, also some telephone number and address of the company and the price of product in their domestic currency. I will make a picture of it later. About the hologram you are talking, yes in past when i buy some older version on the boxes were some hologram sticker and they were 5amps in 1 box.

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Definitely agree. This has been a subject for the last 6-7 years. I once purchased galenika back in 2018 and they looked absolutely spot on but they were fake.. Many batches come out of Moldova also. Theyr probably the most faked gear out there