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  • Porkbythapound   •   Sat, Jul 18th, '20 18:20   •   1 reply, 99 views

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2 100iu kits of gh from the gh promo. Very cool generous promo. Hoping the product shows good results. Planning on starting tonight. Just waiting on bac water to arrive should be here today soon. Just about anything I’ve ordered on the internet has been delayed a day or 2 from expected delivery including amazon shit.
- vials look good.
- T/A was within specified time(39 days from order/US)
- packaging was discreet and packed safely
Planning on starting at 2.5 iu( 1 vial every 4 days) before bed.
Hard for me to administer any other way cause I’m gone all day and hit gym on way home from work.
May play around with increase dosages and hit only on lifting days(5 maybe 6x a week)
Would be happy to see improved sleep and skin. Will review later.


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