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+ 3 Para pharma bulk gear.


Got my promo gear last week but due to having issues posting pictures I've only just been able to post em.

4 350mg test blend
1 500mg deca
1 150mg NPP
1 Cialis
This is going to be a ten week 500mg deca and test cycle with proviron from the beginning.

Massive thanks to UGFREAK.

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Sweet sauce!!

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Para really is bro, can't recall a negative word in all this time.

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Which one did u use?..npp? I know about your use of loads of cialis. Remember we chatted about that the other day.

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Lmao..I've been single for a minute but it's always good to have Cialis in your arsenal.
I got an NPP just to use like one might use prop at the beginning of a test E or C cycle, probably not needed but ive started already.

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Cialis is good for keeping PB down while on cycle … obviously it puts a smile on the mrs boat but it’s all about the health benefits for me the fact that it turns me into a porn star is a side affect that means I need more calories

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There's a source that does Cialis at 5mg to be taken daily I guess exactly for the blood pressure reason.
Before I was aware of it I always used to feel like if anything it was raising my BP.

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What's up I tried to warn him lol. Keep us updated my man.

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Sounds like someone is going to get big and full
I see your doing 10 weeks. In my last i still was seeing a change in body composition up until the 12 th week on deca. Then i took it out and changed it out. But definitely feel your body and mirror. Maybe 10 is enought but if your still getting the reults another week or two wouldnt be bad. Goodluck man. Cant wait to hear about your run

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For all these year's I've been meaning to do deca test cycle. I've done NPP a few times but I've never really looked upon it as a solid bulker and never got any type of joint lubrication from NPP as my knee is ok but never the same after surgery some years ago. So leg training has suffered compared to the leg workouts of the past.
I might actually run it a little longer, it had already crossed my mind. I'll continue with test for a couple weeks longer when I do drop deca just cos of deca ester.
Started yesterday with my first pins, each half ml of deca will be taken with a full ml of test to ease any pip issues due to the deca higher mg per ml.
In retrospect I should of done a deca cycle years ago, practically everyone in the UK I've asked did a sust deca cycle first time out.
I'm looking forward to seeing what changes it brings out of my physique

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Ah yeeaaahh

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