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UGF very kindly added me to the promo for $300. And this is what I choose.

Will be starting this cycle in a few days, this Saturday. Very much looking very forward to it, Been a while since I used any Para pharma, my previous experience with this lab was great, and no doubt this will be too.

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Looks like good gear, how are you getting on with it pal?

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Pinned half a ml of each test, the 250 & 400 this morning, no pip nice and smooth. One ml of each a week..650mg is plenty for me.

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Awesome pic brother! They look so good.. Always a pleasure to deal with you.

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I've run everything there except the superdrol. All are top notch. Enjoy!

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I've used their sdrol previously, the reason I got it again. I only use 10mg for 3 week's at a time. Very strong, really like it before. Instant strength is what it did for me, about an hour before the gym and I was off and going.

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Ossshhh looks good bro