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-8 Package landed


Promo from teamroids landed, nicely packaged, safe and discreet

Ordered from: 
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Heard of it, never seen it….. looks homosexual though

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Please don't post pictures of packaging materials and designs on eroids!

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Just what in the styrofoam and plastic packaging is going on here? @JuicedAggression! @LegionofDoom

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Hell u got me I don’t understand y people do this shit are people losing there gray matter lol??

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folks get so damn excited and I guess they just forget. Trying to find a legit excuse lol

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Omg! I'm dying over here laughing

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True true good point brother.

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Hey- at-least it wasn’t the packaging slip and numbers like that one dude. Haha I swear this is becoming way TOO common guys! It’s simple! Gear pics not packaging pics!

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Yea gear pics

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U have been a member for over 9 yrs smfh.

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Definitely a head scratcher.